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Bersantai Dengan Keindahan dan Keunikan Du Mien Garden Cafe – Vietnam

Du Mien Garden Cafe… Cafe Suada.. di mata saya adalah amat menarik dan unik tempatnya, terletak di suatu kawasan yang sunyi menjadikan ia suasana yang begitu aman dan mendamaikan. Saya pasti masih tidak ramai yang mengetahui cafe ini. Ianya terletak di bandar Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.


Baru-baru ini saya berkesempatan untuk singgah minum kopi di sana. Terasa bagaikan tidak mahu berganjak dari tempat itu, cuma sayangnya saya tidak berkesempatan untuk berada di situ pada waktu malam. Pastinya lebih meriah dan lebih romantik suasana sekitarnya dengan dipenuhi lampu-lampu hiasan.



Du Mien belonging to a system of renowned café in a spacious area on a small and quiet Phan Van Tri St. in Go Vap Dist. Indeed, the scenery and beauty are overwhelming.

Du Mien exerts its attraction through rustic yet boldly modern design. As a coffee house, it comes in an open space similar to that of a resort, airy yet featuring less shades that prevents stifling suffocation. Balconies in various altitudes surrounding tall stem plants provide an unusual and enjoyable view. Bushes of trees and green grassland along a crystal blue lake offer a sense of casualty and comfort.


Decorative accents allow the shop to appear with its particular beauty for every moment of a day and with the brightest one in the evening when warm, shimmering lights spread on colorful paintings, curtains, stylized furniture and rest pillows. Dozen-of-year-old trees, whose branches are occupied by nest-shaped wooden houses, offer shade as another choice for those who fancy certain serenity and romance.


Diserikan lagi dengan bunga sakura

Diserikan lagi dengan bunga ala-ala sakura…hmmm…tidak perlu sampai ke Jepun dan Korea lagi kot :lol:


Built from differently sliced stones, the walls look solid, eye-catching and truly impressive. Further inner space offers more feelings of relaxation and pleasure. Footpaths and other corners are all spacious, giving way to your steps.

Moreover, porches hide the shop from sweltering sunshine, offering cool air and airy space. The ground floor features peacefulness with green grassland and beautiful blooming flowers. Every corner at Du Mien Garden Coffee brings certain air of excitement.

Should you need to mix yourself with the nature to enjoy some wind or pleasant smell of white plumeria flowers, then it is the top floor that counts. Whether you visit such place with your family members, companions, colleagues or you come here alone, there would be no sense of loss and imprisonment whatsoever, for constant inspirations and glimmering of ideas are always sparked off.

Besides, the top floor allows you to enjoy a gulp of coffee and a clear blue sky. Du Mien offers suitable corner for up and down feelings that can be fully expressed. A sofa covered with velvet or a pair seat for a dating couple brings particular interest.

Du Mien Garden Coffee
07 Phan Van Tri St. Wd. 10, Go Vap Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 08.9389 9116


Cantik kan tempat tu? Haaa…kalau anda hendak sampai ke cafe yang cantik dan romantik tu, bolehlah survey tiket penerbangan murah dulu ke Vietnam.. :razz:



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klik gambar untuk lihat itineri pakej Vietnam

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