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Berpakaian Tradisional Daya Tarikan Menjual AYRAN Di Masjid Biru, Turki

AYRAN adalah minuman tradisional Turki yang diperbuat daripada yogurt. Kalau membuat sendiri, boleh dicampur dengan yogurt, air dan garam bersama-sama dalam blender.

AYRAN is a traditional Turkish drink made from yogurt. The home-made version can be made by mixing yogurt, water and salt together in a blender.


Ayran selling

( Gambar ini saya ambil ketika melawat ke Masjid Biru / Blue Mosque di Istanbul )

At the Blue Mosque in garish, traditional-looking clothes serve  AYRAN  drinks based on tap water.

AYRAN  is a cold yogurt beverage mixed with salt. In addition to Turkey, where it is considered a national drink, ayran is found in Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Balkans, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Syria and across the Caucasus. Its primary ingredients are water and yogurt, and ayran has been variously described as “a most refreshing drink made by mixing yogurt with iced water” and “diluted yogurt”.


AYRAN  is served chilled and often as an accompaniment to grill meat or rice, especially in the summer months.

turkish girl

Similar beverages include the Iranian doogh, but yogurt drinks are popular beyond the Middle East region—ayran has been likened by some to the South Asian.


AYRAN  is a traditional Turkish drink and was consumed by nomadic Turks prior to 1000 CE. Although less popular today, another traditional Turkish dairy beverage is fermented mare’s milk, kumis.


AYRAN  is ubiquitous in Turkey and offered at almost all places that  serve  drinks, including fast-food restaurants, such as McDonald’s and Burger King. The town of Susurluk is well known in Turkey for its AYRAN, which characteristically has a foamy head and creamy taste. Some Turkish language dictionaries state the word ‘AYRAN’ derives from Old Turkish for buttermilk.


Note**  This is liquid  yogurt made by whopping yogurt and adding water and salt. It should be served cold and fresh, so don’t keep it for later.


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